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Michael M. Dilio

Dilio Real Property Appraisal


Residential Appraisals for Washington

I have been a Washington Certified Real Estate Appraiser for over 20 years. I have the education, qualifications, and experience to provide competent appraisals for the lending industry, legal professionals, realtors, and property owners for all residential property types--simple to complex. 


Lending Industry (mortgage lenders, FHA, portfolio lenders)

       Legal Matters (divorce, property settlement, court testimony, etc.)

         Realtor Consultations (pre-listing evaluations, measurements, etc.)

         Homeowner Services (value consultations of varied scope)



Providing professional appraisals and related valuation services to lenders,
attorneys and legal experts, realtors, and property owners. 


Dilio Real Property Appraisal 

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 Michael M. Dilio